Monday, April 1, 2013

First Day of A to Z: A is for Archangel

  Welcome to day one of my A to Z Adventure!!!

   A is for Archangel

   For my first day I am starting at the beginning where my story began. Back when I was in High School one of my friends and I used to have these Role Play games that we called wars and we would take on persona's that we were from myth or even religion. I took on the persona of Archangel Uriel one time because I felt a kinship to him. Even after we didn't have our little wars anymore I still looked to Uriel for guidance and strength while I was struggling with depression and an abusive mother. Then a few years ago I stumbled across a book all about Uriel, how to talk and communicate with him, what he does, what he is good for and I devoured that book. In the back of it was a section all about other Archangels and the more I read the more I became interested.

    From there I began to form this story all about four college age students who find out they are the children of four of the Archangels. Through this month long A to Z challenge everyone who reads this will get an inside look at my book including characters, places, ideas, and even some of my processes. All I can say is stay tuned and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

   Sorry this one isn't long but I don't want to give away too much on day 1


  1. What a cool concept! Love to hear more. The only thing I know about the four archangels without resorting to Google is that they are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and... Uriel?

    Will come back tomorrow.

    I'm also doing the A-Z blog challenge with my writing group, The Write On Mamas.

  2. I agree...don't give it all away up front - Keep 'em coming back! It's working with me!