Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Character Profile: Lily

Lillian Gia Norris: Daughter of Archangel Gabriel

Nicknames:  Lily, Lil

Powers: Power over earth, psychic and empathic powers

Weapon: Ax

Special Skills: Her sports background makes her stronger, more agile, and faster than even her other Demi-Angel friends.

Physical Appearance: Lily is the tallest girl of the group and just under six feet, with an average build that consists of a lot of muscle because of her sport background. Lily loves her height because it gives her a greater advantage in many of the sports she plays, but she takes care not to make Marissa feel bad because she is so much taller. Lily has long dark hair that is usually up in a ponytail so it stays out of her way while she is playing sports. She has penetrating bright blue eyes that really pop, and gives her face a very gentle look. She, like Marissa, has never been a thin person but because of her background in sports it never bothered her like it bothered her best friend. Lily is a bit of a tomboy, and has always been “one of the guys” in her appearance as well as attitude. Her favorite feature is her hair which she takes great pride in and has never even considered cutting excessive amounts of her hair off.

Personality: Lily’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio and she lives up to most of the traits associated with her sign. Scorpio’s are often called the “old souls” of the Zodiac and Lily is definitely one, she is often considered the mother of the group. Intense is probably the best way to describe Lily, who brings passion to everything she does. On the dark side she can also be very resentful and jealous as is seen in her relationship with Penny. Lily has a strong desire to triumph which really helps her in competitions. She has a strong desire to win, and when she doesn’t she can really explode. Lily usually has the appearance of being the most in control of all her friends, but an unruly sea hides underneath just waiting to break free. When Lily does lose her temper she makes even Marissa look nice and sweet.  

   Lily has lived with her grandparents since her mother died when she was little. Her mother’s death definitely hardened Lily to those around her and it takes Lily a long time to like people, and even longer to consider them friends. When she is afraid or worried about something, she often cuts herself off from those around her to protect herself from getting hurt, and so others can’t see her weakness. Lily is the most stubborn member of the group liking to make her own decisions in her own sweet time and Lily’s mind is made up however the chances of changing it are slim to none. Another flaw that can affect her opinion of others is that she has a hard time forgiving the faults that she sees in others. Unlike her best friend she has a hard time forgiving people in general, Lily’s good opinion once lost is lost forever. The main reason for this is so that Lily can avoid looking at her own shortcomings, and can avoid working on fixing her own problems. Lily would rather fix everyone else then look at her own issues.

  Sports and physical activity have always come very naturally to Lily, which is how she affords college. She is there on a volleyball scholarship and she takes her training very seriously. She excels at almost every sport but finds the more physically demanding ones to be her favorite sports. Often during high school Lily would play sports with the boys because the girls didn’t play hard enough for her. Having mother like qualities and intensity that gives her amazing self control Lily is the Psychology major of the group. She is fascinated by people and doing meaningful things to help make their lives better.


Marissa: Lily did not have any friends before she met Marissa West and even after she and Marissa became close Lily found it difficult to befriend any of Marissa’s other friends. Lily wouldn’t lose Marissa for the world, and Marissa is the only person Lily truly trusts other than her grandparents. Lily finds Marissa’s school abilities helpful to her because bookwork is something that she has never been the best at. On the flip side Lily acts like a trainer to Marissa who sometimes needs a kick in the ass to do things physically like working out and trying to at least be a little active. Lily is the quieter one of the two because she likes to be comfortable around people before she really opens up to them. Yet even while she is seemingly quiet her mind is always turning and her brain is always working which make her and Marissa very similar. Lily is also close to Eli West, Marissa’s older brother, being an only child living with grandparents Lily missed having any kind of sibling figure so when she and Marissa got close Eli sort of adopted Lily as his sister as well.

Penny: The person Lily has the hardest time getting along with is definitely Penny. From the moment she first saw Penny Lily judged her a little too harshly referring to her as “Boho Barbie” Lily’s main issue with Penny is her shallowness; Lily thinks that the youngest member of their group only cares about boys, and clothes, and her looks. When she and Penny actually do get along it seems as if the whole world could be perfectly at peace but those moments are rare. Throughout their first year in college it is a struggle for Lily to even like Penny let alone trust them at all. Yet when something happens that changes Penny’s whole world Lily is the one who helps her deal with it the best while their other friends are at a slight loss as to what to do. Eventually Lily and Penny form a close, albeit unconventional bond that also consists of lots of disagreements but is rooted in love…but don’t tell anyone.

Z.J.: Lily and Z.J. get along very well even if Lily does like to tease the only male member of their group. Lily teases Z.J. because being a tomboy and playing sports with boys she got used to their joking and noticed it as a form of communication. Lily doesn’t quite understand that Z.J. isn’t the same kind of guy she is used to hanging around with and so he doesn’t understand the reasons Lily makes fun of him. Z.J. was the first person after Marissa and Eli to gain Lily’s trust, Lily likes the fact that even if she makes fun of him Z.J. will just go with it and play along. She admires the fact that Z.J. can laugh at himself because that is something she cannot do. She likes that Z.J. takes things as they come, and is so open to letting life happen to him. They are both very similar when it comes to their emotions as well; both Lily and Z.J. like to keep their emotions in check and under lock and key, not because they are trying to keep anyone out, but because they found they are less likely to get hurt when they do so.