Monday, February 11, 2013

  Okay so the two people who actually read my Blog probably know that I decided to switch my story's POV after I've already written half of my book. Originally I had it written in first person so it was my main character, Marissa, telling the story heself but I realized how limiting that was.

   There are way too many things I want to touch on from each of my characters, and they are thoughts and ideas that the specific characters wouldn't say outloud so I had to find a way to get them out. At first I thought I could just make Marissa have the power to read minds so she could know what she needed to know and then convey that to the readers. Then when I really thought about it and while Marissa is a know it all she would never invade someone's privacy like that. In the end it was better to keep Z.J. as the mind reader is really the better choice because he won't use the power to know anything his friends don't want him to know.

   So then it was switching first person to 3rd which is been a huge pain in my ass. Going through every sentense and finding the I's and changing them to she's and the we's and turning them to they's. I am like 75% of the way done with my POV edit but yet I'll go back and catch a place here and there that I missed and its very furstrating.

  I'm glad I changed POV when I did even if it is a thorn in my side because you can explore so many more characters and their thoughts and ideas when you are in 3rd person. As a main character Marissa (much like the person she is based likes to be the center of attention so the last thing she really needs is to be is the narrator as well as the main character of the story.


  When Penny finds out her mother is dead we need to be able to see inside her head and know how she's feeling and how she handles things.

  When Lily is resisting joining her friends in their quest to save the world the reader needs to know why, not just Rissa's guess as to why

  When Z.J. gets his first taste of something other than living a loner life of music and hard core rehearsing everyone needs to be able to understand how happy he is to get more of a life.

  Writing in 3rd person I think will open a lot more doors to my story. Right now I am just trying to get the POV done so I can finish my first draft but I think when I do my first full round of edits it will be a lot easier to expand on the ideas I already began to build. So right now I just have to power through it all and get the last chunk done.

  Little engine that could time...I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!!