Monday, December 24, 2012

Character Profile: Z.J.

Zephyr Jason Sol (Birth Surname: Aston)

Nicknames: Z.J., Z

Powers: Power over air, Healing ability, Mind reading

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Special Skills: Musical Prodigy

Physical Appearance: If he hadn’t automatically been thrust into the ‘friend zone’ Marissa, Lily and Penny would all agree that Z.J. is the perfect guy inside and out. He is the tallest person in the group, at six foot one, with dirty blonde hair that curls when he doesn’t try to take care of it. Z.J. is the cute type of guy that everyone loves, he has a great smile with deep blue eyes and pale skin and an average build makes him the type of boy that girls want but not unapproachable. Being trained in music from the time he was a toddler Z.J. isn’t the biggest or the strongest, in fact Lily isn’t sure he has any tone or muscle at all. Still Z.J. is handsome, sweet, and everything anyone could want in a guy.

Personality: Z.J. is the textbook Libra of the group and it is good that he is because with all the emotion the girls bring to the party they need a diplomatic kind of person in the mix. Much like his sign he is charming, easygoing, and peaceable; he is able to look impartially at issues but one of his faults is an impatience of criticism and a greed for approval. This wasn’t helped by the approval and attention he got being a musical prodigy, or the only child of parents who wanted nothing more than to have a child. If Marissa is the smart one than Z.J. is the artsy one, more artistic than intelligent but smart enough to get into Hopkins as an Art History major. His parents instilled him with a love of all beauty but especially beauty in the arts which he has a deep love of.

  While being a Libra makes him more sensible and levelheaded than the girls it also makes him indecisive, sometimes timid and an impatience of routine. Z.J. likes to be as free as the wind that he has control over, doing what he pleases when he pleases so the schedule of school, work and training sometimes can really get him down. Still he is very personable until you get him angry; it takes quite a lot but when Z.J. is angry he can be a storm of rage, and he will not let you get away until he has let you know just how displeased he is. He also has a tendency to be a bit extravagant and impulsive, spending money on things he enjoys or simply wants.

   Z.J. has been traveling all over the United States since he was around ten, giving concerts, and sitting in with orchestras all over the country. He was homeschooled until his parents settled down in Michigan so he could go to Interlochen where he studied music and every instrument he could get his hands on. When it came time for college he shocked his parents when he told them he wanted to go to Johns Hopkins University to major in History of Art and minor in Music so he could be more well rounded. Z.J. wants to be a champion of the arts and save them in a world that thinks art, music, drama, and other programs like that don’t benefit children. Yet if he can’t do something like that he would be a musician or even and art dealer.  


Marissa: Z.J. always gets along well with Marissa, and he is always thankful that she is willing to defend him against the other two girls who sometimes like to pick on him, or don’t understand him but even they can disagree. They can be two totally different people especially in regards to routines, schedules, and school. Marissa likes structure, and rules, and order and Z.J. is happy to go where the moment, or the wind, or the fates take him. Most of the time the two see each other as good balance but sometimes Marissa wishes Z.J. wasn’t so naive and unwilling to take things more seriously and Z.J. wishes Marissa would loosen up and let the control go a little. Still they are very close, Z.J. is able to tell Marissa things he can’t tell anyone else, and they understand each other very well nine times out of ten, but that last time…take cover.

Lily: Z.J. wants to get close to Lily but most of the time she won’t let him, and because he knows that she teases him to cover up her own uncertainty he does his best to laugh it off. Z.J. is able to laugh at himself better than anyone else so Lily’s ribbing can easily roll of his back, most of the time. It takes a lot to get Z.J. mad but once he is, he isn’t afraid to tell Lily or anyone else exactly what he thinks. He trusts Lily just as she trusts him, and they are both similar in the way they handle their emotions. However Lily is puzzled by Z.J. and he isn’t exactly in a hurry to explain everything to her. He likes leaving everyone in the dark a little when it comes to all his secrets, and because he knows how much it frustrates Lily he always keeps her questioning things. Still the two are good friends and become best friends.

Penny: Z.J. and Penny make a funny pair; he makes her laugh and she thinks of him as the only guy in her life she can have a totally platonic relationship with. At first Penny finds Z.J. attractive enough but he is too shy and quiet for her nature, and Z.J. automatically knew that Penny was going to be just a friend. They get along well, Z.J. loves that Penny doesn’t like to be tied down but at the same time sometimes she is even to wild for his taste. Z.J. also is smart enough to stay out of Penny’s issues with Lily, and leaves that to Marissa mostly because he doesn’t want anyone to think he is taking sides. Z.J. just wants everyone to be as happy as possible at all times and that is something Penny admires him for. Much like with the rest of the group Penny and Z.J. grow very close and each bring their own brand of crazy energy to the Demi-Angel family.