Thursday, July 19, 2012

Character Profile: Penny

Not my best but at least I finished it. One more main character to go as far as Profiles...then I will either start posting more in depth information about my book or Character profiles about lesser characters.

Enjoy...whoever you are...if you are even out there.

Enya Penelope Teman: Daughter of Archangel Michael

 Nicknames: only goes by her nickname of Penny

Powers: Power over fire, ability to always see the truth and tell when someone is lying, power of transformation

Weapon: Whip

Special Skills: “Freak like” talents such as contortionism

Physical Appearance: If anyone asked her fellow Demi-Angels about Penny’s appearance they would automatically call her ‘The Pretty One’. Penny has always been conventionally pretty, with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. Still Penny always tries to find a way to make herself stand out a little more. On her first day of college her blonde hair was colored with a few candy apple red streaks. Once she found out that she had the power to transform her appearance and got her powers under control she would change her appearance every few days just for the hell of it. Penny is about 5’7’’ with a size 4 body type, but a larger than average bust and model good looks. Penny is very secure in her good looks but sometimes they stand in her way because people have always treated her as if her looks were all that mattered. She also does have a feature that she cannot stand: her nose. Penny thinks she has a very large nose but everyone else insists that she is crazy. Her favorite feature is probably her legs, she is very proud of them because she has worked hard to make them look as good as they do.

Personality: Penny is a Sagittarius and like the rest of the Demi-Angels Penny is a perfect example of her sign. She is the most carefree out of the four being very optimistic and good-humored. She is a loyal, reliable, and trustworthy friend but can be prone to be impulsively angry she knows how to be outspoken and exactly what expressions will hurt most. On the darker side of Penny’s personality she can be tactless, superficial and restless as the element she can control. In general Penny is the kind of person that everyone wants at their party and not just because she is so pretty.

  Penny has such an attractive, and alluring personality that men flock to her, but much like her sign she doesn’t like to stay tied down especially if the sex is bad. Penny is often searching for love but at the same time because of what her mother went through for love Penny is very hesitant and insists that she will never fall in love but will have fun looking for it. Penny is often the center of attention especially male attention which she quite enjoys. At first glance Penny may seem shallow but there are many layers under her pretty face. She is smart when it comes to school, not quite the student Marissa is but likes school and gets good grades none the less, and she also enjoys all of her odd hobbies.

  Penny has been living with her mother in New York since a little while after she was born. When she got accepted into college she moved back to Maryland and her mother moved as well having just ended a relationship. Much like her mother Penny has her guard up always, not necessarily to keep people out but to make sure they can’t see the cracks in the otherwise perfect veneer. Penny is very protective of her family and once the other Demi-Angels had proved to her that they were her family she would go to the ends of the earth to defend them. Penny has also always known the path she was on and is able to help others find their path. Penny is going to school for a business degree mostly because she figured that would be the most helpful and the most likely to make her mother cringe.



Deirdre Teman: Penny’s relationship with her mother is not the best. One of the subjects Marissa and Penny knew they were both in similar boats was when it came to their mother’s. Deirdre has spent most of her life trying to hide how hurt she was from her daughter, and the whole outside world. Deirdre entered into a lot of short term relationships with women to try and fill the void left by Michael and in doing so she set a bad example for Penny as far as love and relationships. Deirdre also made the mistake of treating Penny like a friend instead of like her child and so their relationship while it’s good isn’t the maternal one that Penny craves. She loves her mother but sometimes you realize who you love too late.

Marissa: Penny and Marissa got along almost immediately; they both have very similar extroverted personalities that make them stand out but not feel the need to outshine each other. Penny does know however that sometimes she does outshine Marissa without even trying just because of the way she looks. Penny is forever trying to get Marissa to look at herself in a more positive light because she honestly thinks that Marissa is wonderful and sometimes she gets frustrated with Marissa when she can’t see what is so obvious to Penny. The youngest member of the group really looks up to the oldest because Marissa has something Penny does not and has always wanted, confidence in who she is not just how she looks. Still the two become close friends and confidents although Penny does feel bad that Marissa is usually stuck in the middle of her issues with Lily.

Lily: It isn’t that Penny doesn’t like Lily…Penny doesn’t like that Lily is so stuck on judgment by looks and who she thinks people is not who they really are. Penny is also aware that without Marissa and Z.J. she and Lily would have never spoken to each other because they really have nothing in common or so they think. Lily is there for Penny when her world is rocked to its foundation in a way that not even the other Demi-Angels she feels closer to can be. The two become close but even once the trust is earned they have their issues and arguments that Marissa, being the leader, usually mediates.  

Z.J.: Penny has a unique relationship with Z.J. She loves Z.J. but at the same time he is hard for her to read and that frustrates her. Penny is usually able to read any man like a book and the fact that she can’t do that to Z.J. is a little frustrating. Then there is also the fact that Z.J. has never seemed sexually attracted to Penny, it almost blows her mind that she can have a male friend who has no interest in her sexually. Then as she gets to know Z.J. better she really cherishes the way he treats her and finds that Z.J. is really a one in a million friend. Sometimes she still doesn’t understand him and can lose her patient and get frustrated but all he has to do is say something silly or make a joke and Penny remembers why she is glad to have one totally platonic male friend.