Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Blurb From My Untitled Archangel Story: Book 2

Okay, so because my brain can't get off my book 2 in my Archangel stories I am going to post my little blurb that won't leave my head right now.


I looked at my best friend who had just walked through the door.


"I think so," she replied. "But who the hell was that?"

I looked back to ask the girl, but she had dove out of the first story window.

"I don't know," I said getting to my feet. "But we are going to find out. Come on."

Lily and I took off at a run, out of the house and in the direction we saw the doppelganger go. As we ran I saw a familiar car driving in the direction of our house..

"Cavan!" I yelled running out in front of his car. "Help us."

My boyfriend stumbled out of the car. "Lena, what's wrong?"

"Get in the car I'll explain on the way."

Caven went to get back in the driver's seat.
"Caven," he looked up at me. "No, no, my love. I will drive."

"Elena, really?"

"What part of mother dated a Nascar driver don't you get Cav? Now give me the keys."

He knew better than to argue and tossed me his keys. I slipped in the driver's side while he got in the front seat and Lily got in back. Right as I was about to take off a silver car cut me off and I slammed on the breaks.

"That girl in the front seat looks just like Lily." Cavan said pointing out of the window.

I watched in shock as a male student went running after the car yelling that she had stolen it.

"Well apparently your doppelganger knows how to hot wire cars Lil."

"Stay on her tail El." Lily said a second before I took off.

We sped off, darting down side streets, and trying to keep the silver car in our sights. When it finally turned down a side street we followed. I was afraid that we would lose the car, they were about to turn out at the other end when a car came out of no where and T-Boned it.

I slammed on the breaks once again to prevent a further accident, and without even having to say anything Lily, and Cavan jumped out of the car and started to pursue her on foot. She had climbed out of the car and was running away from us on foot.

"Lily, go make sure that the passenger in the car is okay, Lena and I will catch her." Cavan yelled, as Lily approached the car.

"Elena we need to split up," he said easily keeping pace with my Archangel speed, which made me wonder, but then I remembered that the adrenaline was probably pumping through his body and making him faster. "You go north, I'm going to go south and cut her off."

"Right," I said running a little faster. "Lily catch up as soon as you can."

I took off down a side alley and stopped. I stood still for a moment or two and just listened, I sent a simultaneous thank you and prayer to my father. I asked him to help me catch her, and thanked him for my Archangel senses. I became silent again, and listened, far off, closer to where Cavan probably was I heard the sound of someone running on pavement. I took off in the direction that they were coming from as fast as I could. Before I had taken ten steps I heard Cavan cry out in pain, my speed increased and out of the corner of my eye I saw Lily running toward me. She must have heard him cry out as well. We reached where I heard my boyfriend writhing in pain to find him sprawled out on the ground blood pouring from a cut in his stomach.

"Oh god," Lily exclaimed, as I dropped my knees beside him. "We have to get him back to J.P. now."

"Hold on Cav, we'll get you back to the car, and be back to our house before you know it." I slung one of his arms around my neck, and Lily slug the other around her neck. Slowly we walked him back to the car, and I got into the car and drove off. We still had no idea who Lily's mysterious doppelganger was, or more importantly, what she wanted.


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