Friday, April 12, 2013

Kill Kill Kill?

K is for Killing Characters

  Okay any future readers of mine, be warned I have no problem killing off characters. Don't get me wrong I don't go around killing characters just because people like them, or just because I can but I will kill characters.

  Not going to give away who or when or why of course but I can say that in all four of my four planned books there is a character that dies, and they get more serious as the series progresses.

  My thought about the idea of killing off a character really roots itself in Twilight. One of the reasons I disliked Breaking Dawn so much was because of the nice neat little bow Stephanie Myers ended her book with. I think all authors can agree to get to the happy ending you need to suffer, and I think the only people who suffered after those stories were some of her readers. I know it was supposed to be for Tweens but look at how many people J.K. Rowling killed off before her book series was over. I firmly believe that the "Fred Weasley" of the Twilight series needed to be killed, someone that was a fan favorite and would have affected everyone else without it being a main character.

   Maybe it just shows what a nerd, or weirdo, or fan, or author I am but character death weighs heavily on my mind. If you are going to do it there has to be a reason, and someone who is going to grow from that characters death. If you aren't going to kill characters when you should then you need to make sure that they deserve their happy ending.

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