Tuesday, April 9, 2013


H is for Homo-Erectus

 That is the name of the gay club that belongs to the West Family. Eli decided when he was in college that he wanted to open up a gay club down in Hampden so with his business degree and some money he had been saving he started what turned out to be a very successful business. It is one of the hottest places to be and is open and inviting to all people not just the LGBT community.

  I don't even remember where I came up with the idea to have Eli own a gay club but I can say that I love that I did that. I love it so much that if and when I get published I actually want to open up Homo-Erectus in Baltimore. I love going to gay clubs, and having a good time and I want to make this one a reality. This club is meant to look like a New York back alley, very shabby chic and more than meets they eye.

  It is really crazy how something that doesn't exist can appear so vividly in ones head. I know exactly how I want this club to look, the decor, the lights, the bar, everything in this club already exists in my head and my favorite part? The phone greeting..."Hello, thank you for calling Homo-Erectus the Homo home away from home. This is (name) speaking, how can I make your day more gay?"

  Oh yea, you have no idea how excited I am going to be when I can actually try to make this a reality!

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