Friday, April 26, 2013

Women: Hear Me Roar and Such

W is for Women

  One of my favorite quotes

     Yes I write strong female characters, I will never write anything but strong female characters. My female characters stand up for themselves, are in charge of their bodies, their lives, they have strong voices, and they can fight for themselves. Even my female character with all their faults are stronger for them because we all have faults but we can either deny them and let them rule us or use them and control them to our advantage.

   That is what strength truly is, knowing who you are and being better for it. It took me a long time to become comfortable with who I am, to like who I am and once I did I finally was able to believe all the good things that my friends and people around me told me. I know I'm not the best person, I am a bit of a control freak, loud, pushy, obsessive, a know it all, a bisexual girl with no luck in romance, who has mommy issues and abandonment issues. I use those to my advantage, I don't let anyone control my weaknesses because I know what they are. 

  Each of my main female characters is strong for a different reason. Marissa is strong because like me she knows who she is. She also is intelligent and won't let anyone make her feel inferior without her consent. Penny is strong because she likes sex, and enjoys being a women and controlling her own body. She decides when, and where and with who, and she won't let anyone else tell her she can't. She's also fiery and won't let anyone quench that fire. Gia is strong because she won't let anyone force her into something she doesn't want  or that isn't whats best for her. She also won't let anyone else bully another women, or her female friends. 

   Z.J. is also quite the feminist, and yes I am using that word correctly. He respects women, and he looks at his female friends as stronger than most men he has met. The four are on an even playing field and Z.J. doesn't ever treat the three girls like they are anything but his equals. Yes it can be hard for him because he is such an introvert and the three girls are such strong personalities and yes Penny and Gia like to bust his balls a little but never in a condescending way. As many people don't understand feminism isn't about putting men down it's all about equality.

  That my dear followers is why I will write strong female characters. But until we don't need feminism anymore my answer will be just like Joss's.

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