Sunday, April 7, 2013

Making Up My Days

Sorry everyone...I missed two days so I am going to make up my E and F today.

E is for Eli

   Eli West is one of my most important secondary characters. Eli is Marissa's half brother, they have different fathers and no Eli is not a Demi-Angel like his sister. Eli is the one who has been raising his sister since their mother left, he has been the father and mother to his sister growing up. Eli is probably one of my favorite characters to write because he's funny and sweet. Eli is a combination of two of my favorite people in my life my brother and my best friend. He has all of the best qualities from the two of them he is someone Marissa trusts and can talk to just like my brother and Brock are to me. So I'll give you all a little overview of Eli

Full Name: Elijah David West

Number of People who call him Elijah: 0

Hometown: Hampden Maryland

Career: Owner of the popular club Homo-Erectus

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Rico Caleb Moreno

Grauated from: University of Maryland University College

Favorite person: A tie between his sister and his boyfriend

F is for Family

  One lesson I've learned and I cherish is the lesson that family doesn't just mean the people related to you by blood. Sometimes the bond of the heart are even stronger. I myself have some family issues and I don't always feel the closest to them but I have created my own family out of my friends. One of the big themes of my book is the bond between the four Demi-Angels and how they make a family unit out of each other.

 Each of them is missing something from their family life and they are able to find it in each other much they way I have with most of my friends. My friends are my family and that is very true for Marissa, Penny, Gia and Z.J. They live together, train together, face some of the toughest situations of their lives together and the support each other, that is everything a family is.


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