Wednesday, April 24, 2013


U is for Unipara

 Unipara means a woman having given birth only once.

 3 out of 4 of my main characters mother's are Unipara and I wanted to take some time to talk about the moms since I talked about the dads.

   It's actually a lot easier for me to write issues with moms because I have a lot of my own mommy issues. In fact I am almost positive that some of my own mommy issues come up in each of my four characters. So let me start at the beginning with the names of my characters moms

    Trista West - Marissa and Eli's mother, still living

    Deirdre Teman- Penny's mother, still living

   Elena Aston- Z.J.'s biological mother, deceased

   Valerie Norris- Gia's mother, deceased.

    Each of characters reflects one of my central issues with my own mother.

      Marissa- Marissa most of the time just feels like she isn't good enough for her mother. Trista is very successful, and so is Eli and Marissa wonders if she'll ever be as good as her mother or her brother. Which is why she is always trying so hard, because she feels if she doesn't she will never get her mothers attention and will therefore never get her mothers love. I have the same issue, I want my mother's approval and I am never going to get it but that doesn't stop me from trying.

   Penny- Penny doesn't have a mom she has a friend. I wish my mother and I could be friends, I wish I could talk to her about more things happening in my life, but whenever I do she is very critical of how I act or what I am doing. Penny's mom is the opposite which I used to illustrate what can happen with parents who are too much like friends and not enough like parents. 
Gia- Gia's mom hid a lot from her daughter before she died. She was never open with Gia because she was afraid of reveling too much and it turned Gia into someone who has trouble sharing, and disclosing, and being vulnerable. Gia only ever saw her mother holding back, which is the same with my mom. My mother had an abusive father and she in turn became abusive.

Z.J.- Z.J. didn't know his birth mom, she died having him and he was immediately put in an orphanage. Here is also where I look like a bad person. Being abused physically yes but mostly mentally by my mother has  hardened me to her so much that sometimes I wish she would just leave. Some days it ranges from her and my dad getting divorced, to her just leaving and not coming back, and yes even her dying. I think I projected some of my horrible wishes into my story and gave Z.J. no knowledge of his biological mother so he could avoid anything bad.

   So yea...this post about how most of my characters mother's are unipara women has turned very depressing and heavy so I will post again tomorrow and I'll make it lighter.