Saturday, April 20, 2013

Regret Me Not

R was originally going to be for Re-write.

I was going to talk about how the editing and re-write process is the stage that I am dreading...dreading dreading dreading. I have already been through one edit in which I went all the way back to the beginning of my book and changed the Point of View from first to third person. So that is what I was going to talk about but considering the mood I'm in...

R is for Regret

  We all know that regret is a base human emotion. If anyone says they don't regret anything then they are lying or deep in denial. I know that regret is also something that you can accept and overcome but it is a bitch.

  As a writer I regret many things; books I haven't finished, writing I gave up on, opportunities I missed, or even a day I go without writing. It is a struggle sometimes to get over those daily regrets and continue to write but if I let regret hold me down I would never get anywhere. Sometimes its even hard to talk about things that I regret if I haven't gotten over them yet, or if I still struggle with it. Some regrets can come back and come back and continue to plague you.

   Regret also plays a big part in my characters lives in all of my books. Each character has something that they regret. In fact one of their trainers specifically deals with regret and helping the heart to heal. I don't want to spoil their regrets because it really plays a big part in learning about each character but I can say that their regrets are not exactly what people might guess. Getting over regret and learning how to handle it is a big step for my characters.

  It's funny because I can write about how they can deal with it and get over it when I myself am plagued with so many regrets I am still trying to get over.

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