Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z.J.: Yes I Am Fortunate I have a Character With a Z Name


 Z is for Z.J.

   So I go out not with a bang but with a fizzle, but at this point I'm not too heartbroken. I am just very glad that I finished and I can go back to blogging at my convenience .

  Anyway...Z.J. the last of my four but not the least. In fact Z.J. is one of my favorite to write because he does have a childlike aspect to him. He spent his early childhood in an orphanage where everyone was focused on getting adopted, and to get adopted you needed to appeal to people. No one wants a spoiled little child to adopt they want a child that impresses them. Z.J. focused on being well mannered and everyone liking him.

  Then once he was adopted he didn't change too much, his adoptive parents are very quiet and encouraged Z.J.'s love of music and the arts. They got him into the best music and art programs they could and let him have the freedom to decide what he wanted to do, and where his passions were. They do however love the fact that he was well mannered and quiet because that fits in well with their lifestyle.

  Sometimes Z.J. does feel a little uncomfortable because people obviously know that he isn't his parents biological son, he does however speak fluent Spanish having learned from the age of 5 or 6 when he moved in with the Sol family. Still his parents never want him to feel adopted and they are very good at doing that. Z.J. has never for a second felt that his parents don't love him as if he was their child. He is aware however that his parents did lose their biological child before it even had a chance to live so he doesn't want to ever disappoint them.

  So there we have it kids....my A to Z journey has come to a close. I thank you for reading, and following and I will see you again soon.


  1. ZJ sounds like a well developed character.
    i read your y post and i had a hard time making it thru the challenge because i got so little writing done too. i visited a lot, but not my usual friends. a crazy month! glad may is here and we did it!
    you did great! now we can write!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes we did make it, and now we can move on!