Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daddy Can You Hear Me?

D is for Daddy Issues

 Welcome to my D day where I talk about my first books central problem...well at least for Marissa.

All four of my main characters have Daddy Issues. All four of them have never met their birth fathers and theirfore each harbor resentment towards them. Marissa is the one with the biggest paternal chip on her shoulder which I decided to make her serious flaw that she has to get over to grow in the first book (Thank you Ashley Nixon) Still each character has their own reason for their Daddy Issue

Marissa: Grew up being raised by a single mom and than by her older brother. Feels neglected and unwanted by her father

Penny: Grew up with a mother emotionally scarred from the loss of her love, who treated her like a friend and not a child, had no real parental figure to look up to and learn from.

Gia: Grew up with her grandparents missing out on some of the things kids got to do with their parents, not wanting to ask her grandparents for fear that they would think he was ungrateful

Z.J.: Grew up in an Orphanage until he was around 5, has two adoptive parents wh he is very close to but he feels like he can't ask them about his real parents because they just won't know or it might hurt them.

   Out of the four of them Marissa is the one you feel the least sorry for, and in the book even more so, yet she is the one with the biggest axe to grind that when a situation arises she begins to break down bit by bit until she either has to face her Daddy Issues and grow from them or turn and run.

  I'm really excited to see where I can take this as far as characters and the lessons they can get out of the first book. I'm also pushing myself because my relationship with my dad is, for the most part,  really good one. So I am drawing a little on my own issues with my mother and spinning them to fix Marissa but still using them as motivation.

  I can't wait to get more into this because while everyone likes a Daddy's Little Girl....they like it even more when she goes rebel.

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