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C is for Character

    My two sense for today is about characters and character building. I know dome authors struggle with creating characters but I am very lucky when I am able to say I am not one of them. I have been told that I have a very natural ability to create a character that people both like and believe. I wish I could take more credit but I really can't. Most of my characters are based off of someone I know or a few people. I take parts of their personalities and meld them with the parts they don't have to create a character based on them.

   For example Marissa is a character I based off of myself, she has my passion for books and school, devotion to friends, close relationship to her brother and need to be the bossy correct know it all. However her stage fright, daddy issues, and privilege are all things that I added to make a totally new person.

  Z.J. is based on my best friend Kirby, Penny is based on my best friend Addie and Gia is a mixture of many of my female friends while Eli is half my brother and half my "gay husband" Brock. The conversations that the characters have in the book are a lot of the time based on real conversations that my friends and I had. I like to take as much of my real life and infuse it into my books as possible. My books are a very urban fantasy because they have a real life setting and time but a fantastical background so it has to feel real. If at any time I think I am not being real I might just have a serious problem...well at least from a character stand point. Because I don't really think I'm the daughter of an Archangel.

......Or do I?

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