Monday, April 8, 2013

G....ia Aren't You Glad to See Me!

G is for Gia

   Gia is a very complex character and she is probably the hardest to write because the person she was based off of and I are no longer friends. She was originally based off my friend Sam but now she has become a fusion of a whole lot of my female friends.

   Gis is the most reluctant of the four Demi-Angels because of how her life has already turned out. She lost her mother when she was very young and has been raised by her mother's parents. She has missed out on a lot of things because of their age, she also never asked for many of the things all children want to do because she didn't want to make her grandparents feel bad if that did have to say no. When Gia moved back to Maryland she and Marissa met and the two have been best friends ever since. They are very similar but at the same time incredibly different. Marissa is the more loquacious of the two friends, and the more social. Growing up the only "friends" Gia had were her teammates from the various sports she plays but she never really saw them outside of things that related to the team. Most people in High School thought Marissa was limiting herself by hanging around with Gia, that Rissa could have been the most popular girl in school if it wasn't for her loner type friend.

   Thankfully Marissa ignored all of them and stuck by Gia and still does. Gia finally got to do some of the fun things she missed out on as a child when she got close to not only Marissa but Eli and Rico as well. The four of them went to Disney world, and did other things that made them all feel like kids again.

  I enjoy writing Gia because she is so different from Marissa in contrast. When you have a character like Rissa you have to have a foil for her and Gia is just that.

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