Sunday, April 28, 2013

X....No Cute Title for This Either

X is for Xenogenesis

Xenogenesis is a generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent

  First of all let me say I started this post on 4/27 but it won't be posted until 4/28....mostly because I have gotten caught up in the series Once Upon A Time and have been watching that for the past two days. I got home from seeing a play tonight and went "Crap, it's Saturday....I need to do my A to Z post." So here it is.

  A generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent....well that is my four Demi-Angels. Just look at that Demi-Angels....they aren't angels and they aren't human so therefore they are truly on a basic level entirely unlike their parents. They are not humans like their mothers and they are not angels like their fathers. They have power over an element like their fathers but not all of them have their fathers element.

  Marissa has power over water and Uriel has power over Earth, whereas Gabriel is the Water and Gia has power over Earth.

  Also unlike their fathers each of them has another active power. Marissa is telekinetic  Z.J. is telepathic, Penny is a shape shifter, and Gia is an Empath. None of their fathers directly have these powers, yes because they are immortal beings not of this world they can conjure powers they need but none of them have specific powers like their children.

   They also each try so hard to be unlike their mothers, yes they all do a bad job of being unlike them but they do try. Marissa doesn't want to abandon anyone like her mother has, Penny doesn't want to treat anyone like her mother taught her, Gia doesn't want to die like her mother, and Z.J. wants to be strong like his mother wasn't.

   So really there are a lot of shades of  Xenogenesis in my characters.

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