Thursday, April 18, 2013

Penny For Your Thoughts

P is for Penny

   Once again I am going to try not to tell you all what I already posted so I am going to talk about how hard it is for me to write a character like Penny.

    Yes I did base her off one of my best friends which makes it even harder to write. My best friend can be somewhat sensitive and sometimes easily offended. She also has rose colored glasses on when it comes time to look in the mirror. So when I am writing her character and just keeping her true to what she would do or how she would act she can get offended.

    So sometimes I worry about treading lightly but then I remember I'm a writer and it's my job to stick to my truth and not give it up for anyone else. If I can air out my character flaws in Marissa then my best friend should be able to deal with what I write as a part of her character.

   Penny is the textbook example of an only child, she is the most boy crazy and interested in sex, she can be a little shallow, she doesn't like not getting her way but she is loyal, loving, kind, funny, talented, an an amazing friend in general.

   We all have to take the good with the bad. We are all like two sides of a coin we all have our good points and we all have our bad ones. No one wants a character that is all good at all times because that is 1. boring 2. unrealistic, and 3. No one would learn or grow in a story if that is true. Each of the characters has their bad points that they need to learn from and each has their good ones that make them likable and relate-able.

   She can get as mad at me as she wants, in the end it is a character not totally her so if she reads too much into it maybe she has finally taken the Rose colored glasses off.


  1. Two dimensional characters are good, three better, good, bad the ugly. Just thinking off the top of my head...

    1. I mean I don't hide character flaws, and I'm not ashamed of them so its all out there. I always strive for my characters to be real.