Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Its An OTP Thing

O is for OTP

   As any of my shipper friends know OTP stands for One True Pair. So why am I talking about shipping and things that could be involved in FanFiction writing....well for two reasons really.

      1. I write fanfiction and I have many ships and OTP's
      2. I will feel like I have truly made it as an author when my fans start shipping and writing fanfiction

   As far as OTP's for my story go I don't want to give anything away, right now the only canon OTP I will share with you is Rico and Eli who I call Reli because like all those celebrities they need a combined named.   I will be very interested to see all the other pairings that my readers and fans come up with and I will welcome almost all of them. There are very few pairings that I will outright say I dislike because I don't like to stifle anyone's creativity or ideas. Now instead of continuing to talk about my book I am going to list off some of my favorite books and or movies and TV shows and then list off my OTP's.

  Harry Potter OTP's

            Ron and Hermione - Yea I was one who wanted that from day one and I knew it was going to happen.

           Harry and Luna - I never liked Hinny...sent the wrong message to me. I really liked pairing Harry and Luna together because I think they really understand each other. Harry is the first person in the series we really see reach out to Luna and I think that really says something.

           Draco and Ginny - I get weird looks for this one all the time. Draco and Ginny is so obscure in most HP fan circles that they don't even make it into favorite couples or anything. Personally this is my favorite and I have shipped it since I was in High School. I love the Romeo and Juliet aspect and I really think Ginny would be able to teach Draco a lot and he would be the fiery type of guy that Ginny needs. I have written many a D/G fanfic if anyone wants to read them let me know.

           Draco and Harry -  Yes I love Drarry! I have read so many Drarry stories and some of them I could actually see happening. I love the play on the line between love and hate with Draco and Harry which is why this pairing works for me.

      Avatar The Last Airbender OTP's

           Katara and Aang: I wanted Katara and Aang to be together, they were just too cute for words. It was pretty much known as soon as Katara went to Madam Woo in the Fortuneteller episode. If she had ended up with anyone else it just wouldn't have felt right.

          Toph and Sokka: This is my number one most favorite Avatar OTP...Tokka for Life!! I think their humor, their wit and their attitudes just fit and compliment each other. There would never be a dull moment with these two and I know everyone is going to yell about Linzin and how it would be incest but who says that Sokka is Lin's father?? I totally buy that Toph didn't tell Sokka her feelings because she wanted to see him happy with Suki and she tried to have a relationship with someone else which resulted in Lin and then Sokka and she got together later in life.....and yes I have thought about this way too much!

     Buffy OTP's

         Buffy and Angel - No one and I mean NO ONE will ever sell me on Spike and Buffy. I will go down with this ship! They are soulmates and meant to be as seen by Angel's one moment of true happiness. No other women he had sex with made him turn evil...why? Because he was only truly 100% happy with Buffy and she clearly didn't love ANYONE as much as Angel

         Willow and Tara - The cutest sweetest OTP...there isn't much I can say about this it's perfection

        Xander and Anya - He's a little clueless and can be shy she's blunt and straightforward they were made for each other. No one else could handle Anya except Xander and no one would understand Xander like Anya.

  Acceptable Buffy Ships

               Buffy and Faith - Yes its a little dark and twisted but I like it.

              Willow and Oz - Willow's first love, I hated Oz for the way it ended but until then I thought they were cute. Willow talked too much and Oz hardly talked at all and they complimented each other well.

  Well here my obsessive OTP rant comes to a close. If anyone who reads this could also go and read my N post that would be awesome. I worked really hard on that one and would love some feedback.


  1. Hello, Samantha! Interesting pairings! Ginny and Draco is a weird pair, LoL. You make a good point, though. But I'm still so so glad Harry and Ginny ended up together!!

    I always wanted Jo and Laurie to end up together in the book Little Women. It bums me out that Alcott didn't write it that way! But they both got their happy ending anyway, so it's all good. :)

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  2. Very cool post! So glad to find your blog. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


    1. Thank you so much! I always like to get new followers!