Thursday, April 25, 2013

Violent Ends

V is for Violence

   Not every book can be about the happy puppy that finds a boy and lives happily ever after. It seems like now all Young Adult books need to have a lot of violence....from the Hunger Games to Harry Potter even Twilight has violence in it too. Seems like along with a love story books now, especially fantasy or YA books need to have some kind of violence or ass kicking.

  I guess I am no different because all of my characters not only have powers that they use to fight, but each of them has a weapon that they master as well. I don't really have a problem with violence but the again I am not going to be excessive with it either.

  I can't even explain my take on violence in my story because in book one violence isn't that huge yet. Yes it exists in the first book because there is a death of a character in a violent manner and from book one the violence only gets worse,

  The worst part about this post is that I can't even go into the extent or amount of violence because I would be spoiling so much! That is always a really hard line for me with this blog, talking about my book without spoiling too much, sharing without giving you all  the details so that you still want to buy the book that I hope to publish.

  But back to violence. I don't plan on giving long excessive descriptions of killing, or things like that because lets face it, its a lot more fun when the author leaves things up to the readers imagination. The again I am not going to leave it so open that people get the wrong ideas because sometimes that can make fans unhappy.

   It's a fine line that authors dance.

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