Monday, March 25, 2013

Fact or Fanfiction

 Hi my name is Samantha, and I write fanfiction

 I know I should probably be ashamed of that sentence but I'm not. I love the fanfictionthatI write and I have some followers who seem to love it too. Don't get me wrong I don't want to turn into the next 50 shades of grey, which for anyone who doesn't know was a Twilight fanfiction that got turned into a novel that should be sold in a brown wrapper. Sorry to anyone who likes the Grey books but I am not a fan, I think it's literary dribble and it also gives fanfiction writers a bad name.

   Fanfiction is meant to be just that, fiction written by fans of the books, nothing more nothing less. I write Harry Potter fanfics because I don't like some of the canon pairings. So I mess with characters and plot while still respecting J.K.'s vision...well most of the time. My most popular fanfiction revolves arouns Harry Potter becoming the villian after the war and Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley ending up together (If anyone is interested I will gladly give you the links).

  People ask me all the time why I write Fanfics and mostly it has to do with how I get inspired. I write fanfic when I need a serious writing boost. Sometimes all it takes is a good review from someone you don't know on the internet to makeyou feel like everything you are doing is worth while. Also, while I'm being honest, when people like my fanfiction it tells me that I am a decent writer, and that maybe this is what I am good with. It's really amazing how excited I get when someone likes what I do with fanfiction and then I start to think if I can do this well with something someone else has already written imagine how well I can do with my own thoughts and material.

  It's late and I think I lost my point....but there you go. I love fanfiction, I read it, I write it, and I will be so excited when people start writing fanfiction about my book!


  1. If you have a gift for a certain way of writing then enjoy yourself and use it.
    Good luck.


  2. Writing is awesome, so if you love it, keep it up. I just finished a Pride and Prejudice fanfic novel, myself. Visiting from A-Z.

  3. Interesting. I never knew what fanfiction was!

  4. Good luck on the A-to-Z Challenge, I'm entered too, and I will be checking back to see your posts. I also nominated you for a Liebster Award, I hope you will do likewise for others. :)

    Nick Ortega