Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another Fanfiction Fueled Rant

Please excuse me while I rant a little again.

  So I have said before that I cannot wait for the day when my fans start writing fanfiction and having said that again I must also say this...

 I will never discourage any of my fans and any ships that they might ship, any OTP's they might have

 I was on one of the Harry Potter fan pages I belong to on Facebook and one of the Admin's put up a picture saying "Get out all of your ship hating here" to discourage it on pictures or posts which I think was a good idea but unfortunately I saw things that I didn't like. Don't get me wrong as far as Harry Potter goes people are vehement about their OTP's and ships and I try not to discourage any of them but I cringed when I say people say

  "I hate all non-canon ships because if JK didn't write it than why bother?"

 As a writer myself that really made me angry. When you write and publish a book you open your characters up to fan interpretation, and I believe that when the fans get a hold of them they gain a life of their own so why try to put a damper on it. 

  I feel like as long as a person has good reasons that a pair should be together they should be allowed to do and write whatever is in their heart. I would never want to dishearten any of my fans or a ship they feel passionate about. 

  Also speaking as a writer working very hard on her first book, a million and one different ideas for the book can run through my head in a few weeks, a few days or even a few hours. No fan could ever know the millions and millions of things that Ms. Rowling thought while she was writing her books. Who knows what kind of ships she might have considered before settling on the canon pairings? 

  Mostly I just hate when people are so narrow minded and sadly it doesn't just apply to books....but that is one of the places it bothers me most.

  Rant over

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