Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life Is A Highway....Oh Crap Writers Block

  So lately I've been so inspired and I can't even explain why but I can't seem to take that inspiration and channel it into my writing...well not my current chapter.

  I wrote a little one shot fanfic, which made me edit because their rules are stupid..but I will come back to that. I've even started writing a future chapter from book two because I can't get it out of my head...well also for another reason.

   Recently I got my hope up relationship wise and within the last few days those hopes are gone again. It stings but I'm trying to move on as fast as I can because it isn't worth my time or tears. Still it makes me want to write the major romance in my story. If I can't have a love story of my own then I will live vicariously through my characters so I started to write it when I should be focused on book one. Why? Because unless I finish book one there cannot be a book two!

  So here I am at 4am trying to explain my road block to my blog and I've only ended up frustrating myself more. I want this so badly, I want this story to be told and published I just can't seem to get it out.

  Now as for the problem...I wrote a Draco and Ginny song fic to the song Home by Michael Buble and it had the lyrics in the fic to help break it up in the right places and so everyone didn't have to look up the lyrics. Well I get a message from someone telling me that it was against the rules and I had to take the lyrics out or face consequences. Okay...first of all if I gave the artist credit what is the problem? People use lyrics and quotes in papers and things all the time they just have to cite it and I did. Second of all what is really going to do to me?? I could always get a new name republish all my stories and things like that. I fixed it but the story now seems like it's missing something and I think it hurt the short little one shot. I just...I dont...UHHHHHH

  Okay now that I've vented a little and got some of my frustration out I will try to go back to writing. Any encouragement would be wonderful. Thank you all for reading.

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