Thursday, May 9, 2013

More FanFic Talk

  Hello friends,

             I am here because I must get my brain moving somehow. I sat up all night a few days ago writing, and trying to get some work done.

           Well the only work I ended up getting done was on this one shot Draco and Ginny fanfiction that I wrote. Thankfully I got that up and posted and hopefully I'll be starting my second sequel to the most popular  Draco and Ginny story that I've ever posted.

       I really want to post the story on one of the Draco and Ginny fanfiction sites that I used to go to all the time. Sadly to do that I would need a Beta or someone who is better at grammar and picking up on the little nit picky things than I am. Sadly I can't search for one because fanfic's should be my main focus. I should be focused on my own book.....which of course is the problem!

    I lost my point so I am just going to post this and try to write again, but if anyone Beta's or anything please let me know.

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